Terms and Purchase Conditions

  1. These terms and purchase conditions regulate the agreement for the sale of clothing and accessories exclusively marked Gianni Lupo provided by WOLF ZONE S.r.l. established in FUNO (BO) VIA DEI CARDATORI 68 CAP 40050., P.IVA 02309160972 - through its website www.giannilupo.com to the users/customer of the site specified.
  2. The users on this web site can only purchase products shown on this electronic catalogue of WOLF ZONE S.r.l. from the moment of finalizing the order and visible from the Web address www.giannilupo.com, as they are described in the relative information sections. Technical information shown at www.giannilupo.com are the authentic replicas of the products from the manufacturers insert in the catalogue. WOLF ZONE S.r.l. reserves the right to modify the technical information of the products to conform to the ones of the manufacturers, without any previous notice.
  3. The correct order is confirmed by WOLF ZONE S.r.l. through an e-mail reply, sent to the e-mail of the customer. Such a confirmation message will show Date and Time of when the order was received and the order number, which has to be utilized for any further communication with WOLF ZONE S.r.l.. The e-mail will show all the information provided by the customer. The customer will have to make sure to verify that the information are correct and promptly communicate any corrections, following the procedures described in this document. Additionally, the customer can verify the status of their orders, by accessing the Web page called: “Order history and details” available in the “My account” section.
  4. 4. In case the customer has not received any order confirmation, WOLF ZONE S.r.l. will commit to a timely notification to the customer.
  5. CANCELLATION OF ORDER:The customer can request to cancel an order until the order has not been shipped from the warehouse. The status of the order is clearly visible in the “Order history and details” section and cannot be cancelled if the order status shows “Shipped”. To cancel an order the customer has to select the “Order reference” it wants to cancel available in the “Order history” section, and leave a message writing “Cancel order” in the comment box below and then press “Send”. Otherwise, the customer can send an e-mail to giannicares@giannilupo.com with the order number and writing “cancel order” in the e-mail. WOLF ZONE S.r.l. will check that your request is under our norms and send you confirmation e-mail afterwards.
  6. All the prices shown in the web site are only public prices therefore they include VAT. WOLF ZONE S.r.l. reserves the right to modify the prices at any moment, without any previous notice. In the case a price is wrongly shown or obviously wrong, for any reason (error committed by our systems, human error, etc…), the order will be cancelled, even if it was previously validated. The total price of the purchase of the products shown at www.giannilupo.com and the shipping fees will be charged to the customer at the moment of payment.
  7. At www.giannilupo.com you can only see the quantity of a product when there is only one left of the specified product in the warehouse of WOLF ZONE S.r.l.. Due to the simultaneous access multiple users/customers and the possibility of simultaneous orders made, can modify the availability of the products, WOLF ZONE S.r.l. cannot guarantee the certainty of allocation of the products ordered.
  8. On certain products, subjected to price promotions, WOFL ZONE S.r.l. reserves the right to accept the orders and reduce the quantity, after the client has communicated and accepted the order. In this case the order will be considered cancelled
  9. WOFL ZONE S.r.l. reserves the right in any occasion to delete or modify any content in the site www.giannilupo.com. WOLF ZONE S.r.l. is commited to complete all the orders, but it may occur in some instances that WOLF ZONE S.r.l. is obliged to refuse some orders even after sending the order confirmation. In those occasions, WOLF ZONE S.r.l. reserves the right to cancel the order at any moment.
  10. At www.giannilupo.com, the user/customer is the solely responsible to provide correct information during the registration and order completion phase. WOLF ZONE S.r.l. will not be responsible for wrong deliveries, caused by inaccurate and wrong shipping address provided by the customer.
  11. During the process of completion of the order at www.giannilupo.com, the customer declears to have read, understood and accepted the purchase conditions and the other information contained in the Web site, including the policies on cookies and privacy.
    • Within 14 days from the day the customer receives the products purchased on the site, he/she has the right to withdraw from the agreement with WOLF ZONE S.r.l.. In this case, the customer does not have to specify the reason for the withdrawal and is not subject to penalty, provided that the products returned are intact, were never worn, are supplied with their packet and the original tags and labels.
    • If the customer intends to exercise the right of withdrawal, he/she will have to send the request through the box “Merchandise return”, available in the “Order history” section and selecting the “Order reference” he/she wants to return. Otherwise he/she can send an e-mail to giannicare@giannilupo.com with the order reference and the reference code of the products he/she wants to return. We will then check your return request. If approved we will send you a confirmation e-mail and our courier will contact you to arrange a pick up time. The products will only be accepted if shipped from the customer, by 20 working days after the customer has received the order.
    • In case the customer receives products, which are defective, the customer will have to specify the problem in the box “Merchandise return”, available in the “Order history” section and selecting the “Order reference” of the specified defected product/s. Otherwise he/she can send an e-mail to giannicare@giannilupo.com with the order reference, the reference code of the products he/she wants to return and specify the problem. We will then check your request. If approved we will send you a confirmation e-mail and our courier will contact you to arrange a pick up time. When the defective products are received, WOLF ZONE S.r.l. will send an e-mail indicating that the products have been received. WOLF ZONE S.r.l. will then check the problems raised by the customer. If the problems raised are valid, WOLF ZONE S.r.l. will commit, to change the defective products with the same one for free or provide a full refund to the customer.
    • All the products shown at www.giannilupo.com are provided are provided with identification tag, internal labels and single package. In case the customer exercises the right of withdrawal, WOLF ZONE S.r.l. may not accept products returned without their tags and internal labels or items that were used, worn, washed, damaged or whose basic and qualitative features were altered in any way.
    • The customer will be responsible in case the products are lost or damaged during the transport until the delivery to WOLF ZONE S.r.l..
    • If the right of withdrawal is exercised according to the guideline and terms described in this article, WOLF ZONE S.r.l. will confirm by e-mail the acceptance of the products returned as soon as possible. Moreover, WOLF ZONE S.r.l. will refund through bank procedure the expenses the customer incurred to purchase and ship the products. Cash on Delivery payment are forbidden for returns.
  13. JURISDICTION: Both parties declare from now to choose which jurisdiction to go in case of any controversy which might arise, which will be the court of Florence .

 For any assistance please contact our team at: giannicares@giannilupo.com